Enterprise service lol世界总决赛下注 goes beyond IT.

Unify service delivery across departments to keep employees and the business productive.

Expand your service lol世界总决赛下注 strategy across the enterprise to enable streamlined processes, improved communication, and increased employee satisfaction.

Today’s employees expect an internal service experience to match their consumer experiences. Internal service providers—from IT to HR to Operations and beyond—need an enterprise help desk to assist in delivering this experience with as little friction as possible. By uniting departments across the enterprise in a single help desk, you can streamline and automate workflows, gather necessary data up front, and improve transparency and communication.

  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity: Automated ticket routing and workflows mean the right people are receiving the right requests without the need to manually sort or assign.
  • Data-Driven Service Delivery: Customize your service catalog and incident submission form to ensure you receive the necessary information to meet and exceed employee expectations—and drive more accurate reporting on the back end.
  • Convenient Access to Resources: Having a one-stop shop for support means employees can conveniently access the resources they need, when they need them. From self-service solutions in the knowledge base to live chat with technicians, a modern enterprise help desk can help increase end-user satisfaction.

Enterprise service lol世界总决赛下注 is where your IT leaders can take charge, driving business value for the entire organization. They know how effective service portals, automation for ticket routing and priority, service catalogs, and a good change lol世界总决赛下注 process can be. IT leaders can empower department stakeholders in the organization by guiding them through these processes.

Benefits of Enterprise Service Management

Say Goodbye to Service Silos

Say Goodbye to Service Silos

What if you could eliminate email chains, document all requests, leverage a knowledge base for FAQs, and automate workflows and tasks—across departments? The IT department is familiar with these enterprise service lol世界总决赛下注 best practices, and there’s an opportunity to extend these benefits beyond IT.

One key example? Onboarding a new hire. The HR team is typically the primary owner of this process, but IT needs to provide hardware and access to applications, facilities needs to set up the new hire’s desk and generate their keycard, and finance sets up the employee’s payroll.

Smart Technology and ITIL Best Practices

Smart Technology and ITIL Best Practices

Digital transformation is top of mind for organizations of all sizes and across industries. A natural starting point for this journey is a modern enterprise help desk solution powered by smart technology like AI and built on ITIL best practices.

  • Improve visibility across relationships for ITIL practices like configuration, change, and release lol世界总决赛下注
  • Streamline communication across departments, stakeholders, and employees
  • Create process efficiency through automated workflows, routings, and approvals
  • Anticipate and resolve issues before they impact the business or employees

Driving Increased Employee Satisfaction

Driving Increased Employee Satisfaction

From offices to schools, the traditional work environment is rapidly changing. Businesses and educational institutions alike have had to rethink how work and learning gets done. As employees and students increasingly rely on virtual tools to get their work done, the enterprise help desk plays a key role in ensuring a smooth experience with technology to stay productive and satisfied.

Incorporating departments outside of IT into the service desk can further streamline processes. Jenny Reeves, operations program manager in the education industry, helped do this by using the service desk to break down departmental silos and foster collaboration. Now maintenance, IT, HR, and admissions are automating workflows to optimize resources and deliver a positive user experience from a single platform.

Delivering Service Success

Delivering Service Success

Enterprise service lol世界总决赛下注 solutions have helped connect employees to quicker and better resolutions for their everyday needs. But service lol世界总决赛下注 doesn’t only need to stay in IT. In fact, IT leaders are in a unique position to help other departments streamline workflows and automate service delivery to provide the same experience across the organization.

A powerful, enterprise help desk can help businesses bridge the departmental communication gap, increase productivity, and boost satisfaction by enabling employee-focused service.

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