Convert your team into a lean transformation machine.

Automate, optimize, and rationalize to move the business forward, faster.


Cost Optimization Solutions

Cost Optimization Solutions

  • Rationalize IT operations tools to reduce software maintenance costs while improving team collaboration to reduce MTTR.
  • Optimize cloud and on-premises infrastructure and hardware and software costs to invest in forward moving technology initiatives.
  • Automate and outsource manual and error-prone tasks to remove disruptions and free up your staff to work on business-impacting initiatives.

Why SolarWinds?

With our comprehensive, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly solutions, you’ll make a difference in no time.

Learn from other customers how they’ve reduced CapEx, OpEx, and do more with less.

Read this blog by elaborating on how SolarWinds helps clients manage their hybrid-IT environments while keeping their commitment to solutions that are easy to use.

For more than 20 years, we’ve enabled customers to achieve their goals quickly and easily, demonstrated by our market leadership in network lol世界总决赛下注 and ITOM performance analysis.

Customer Video Testimonials

Hear from customers like you

Hear how customers use Virtualization Manager to detect issues and predict capacity needs across their virtual environment.

See how customers use Database Performance Analyzer to make their lives easier.

Learn how SolarWinds customers use an integrated view to understand the root cause within a couple of clicks.

Third-Party Reviews

Real-World Results

SolarWinds customers have been able to remove an average of three tools, reduce IT incidents by 22%, and reduce MTTR by 23%, on average.

*Source: The Value of SolarWinds Monitoring Solutions, June 2020.
Conducted by C.White Consulting

Capabilities in Action

Learn more about SolarWinds easy-to-use solutions to help your organization control IT costs

Optimizing Cloud Costs With SolarWinds AppOptics

Since you’ve provisioned your cloud instances, have you gone back to rightsize those instances? Learn how to detect waste in your cloud environment with AppOptics?.

Use Machine Learning to Focus on the Right Problems

Let our machine learning algorithm automate the “understanding” of normal behavior patterns to reduce the noise of hundreds of “spikey” database instances.

Control VM Sprawl

Free up resources by identifying and deleting zombie, idle, and stale VMs.

Consolidate Monitoring Into a Single Pane of Glass

Centralized monitoring and lol世界总决赛下注 of your entire IT stack, from infrastructure to application.

Analyze Network Bandwidth

Analyze network traffic patterns over months, days, or minutes by drilling down into any network element.

Automate Access Rights Management

Delegate user access rights lol世界总决赛下注 to data owners for greater convenience. With SolarWinds ARM, you’ll help reduce IT workload and accelerate compliance.

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