ITIL makes IT Service Management easier Align your IT services with your business’s needs by using ITIL best practices

IT Service Management (ITSM) is the strategy you use to manage the services you deliver to your business. ITIL is about how you use ITSM.

ITIL is the world’s most widely accepted IT service lol世界总决赛下注 methodology–call it best practices for ITSM. Companies can adopt ITIL principles in a variety of ways. They can follow ITIL policies exactly as specified, or because the descriptions, checklists, tasks, and procedures offered by ITIL-based software are flexible, many businesses choose to incorporate only those ITIL best practices most applicable to their specific business needs. Others may even opt to tailor or modify various ITIL practices to address their unique requirements.

The use of ITIL-aligned solutions is unique to each organization. SolarWinds Service Desk gives you the power to assess your employees' needs and fulfill those needs by visualizing the full incident lifecycle. Combine incidents and impacted assets with relevant solutions articles. With ITIL best practices in mind, you can easily escalate incidents to a problem or associate them with an upcoming change.

It’s important to understand ITIL best practices to ensure your service desk is operating efficiently and cost-effectively. Embracing ITIL-based tools can offer significant benefits, including:

  • Minimized IT expenses and better control over IT budgets
  • Improved IT service delivery and better alignment of IT with the business needs
  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction
  • Better adherence to IT standards and guidelines
  • Increased productivity and resource allocation

More Than Just Ticketing: Incident Management

More Than Just Ticketing: Incident Management

Incident lol世界总决赛下注 helps IT pros deliver best-in-class service so employees can take their minds off the tech and be more productive and effective in their jobs.

The right ITIL-based approach to incident lol世界总决赛下注 software gives your service and support team the ability to easily manage tickets submitted via email, phone, portal, or even walk-ups, all in one location. Automation rules eliminate simple tasks and resolve incidents faster, because the quicker you can align resources, the faster you can close tickets, and get back to the big projects.

Problem Management: A Better Way to Organize, Escalate, and Resolve

Problem Management: A Better Way to Organize, Escalate, and Resolve

Many incidents may be isolated occurrences, while some incidents may indicate an underlying problem. And, while you may not be able to completely prevent incidents from becoming problems, you can quickly identify a problem and its root cause.

If there an incident recurs across multiple users, then it’s very probable that a greater problem is occurring. When a major problem impacts your employees, an internal ITIL framework and process can support quicker resolution—ensuring your employees and your organization remain productive. By adopting a proactive approach to problem lol世界总决赛下注 each stage of the lifecycle, you’ll be able to regularly evaluate tools and processes to identify the underlying conditions or issues before they become a greater problem.

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Make Peace With Change Management

Make Peace With Change Management

Change isn’t easy—especially when it impacts your organization and your employees. Effective ITIL change lol世界总决赛下注 processes include clear communication to the people affected, preventing (or at least reducing) frustration while improving service quality and consistency across the day-to-day operations of your company.

For some IT pros, change lol世界总决赛下注 can be confusing and complex. But, in looking at it on a greater scale, the procedures and methods created allowed for standardized processes during major IT infrastructure changes. Luckily, in most cases, it pays dividends to have an ITIL change lol世界总决赛下注 checklist in place.

Winning the Employee Service Game With ITIL

Winning the Employee Service Game With ITIL

The IT department at Betfred, a bookmaker in the United Kingdom, supports a large operation of more than 1,200 employees split across multiple locations. After realizing that IT support needs were outpacing their SharePoint-based system, they moved toward an ITIL framework to create the most efficient service experience.

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